2023 Modern Decor Brands

Decorating the outdoor space is gaining more and more importance in the design world. These spaces are no longer seen as independent and separate areas of the house, but rather as integral parts of it. There is a clear connection between indoors and outdoors, and for this very reason, investment in outdoor modern decor brands has been notorious.

With the emergence of this trend, the demand for outdoor decor brands is also significant. In this article we are going to show you modern decor brands that everyone will need in 2023. These are essential to have an incredibly modern and unique outdoor space..

Garden Glory

Sometimes we have to think out of the box and that’s how the Garden Glory brand was born. It all started when the brand owner wanted a stylish (and luxurious) garden hose to match the new house outdoors. After infinitive days of searching, all that appeared were green or orange hoses. So, something had to be done.

Garden Glory is an outdoor decor brand that sells the most exquisite and original pieces for contemporary outdoor decor. Seriously, it is impossible not to want everything!


In the north of Portugal there is an outdoor décor brand with the most luxurious and exclusive fireplaces. They say that “fireplaces are the heart of a house” and after you see their designs you will understand why. 

Their innovative culture and philosophy allow them to creating unique products that will definitely make a stand-out whatever the space. Besides, these fireplaces and firepits are the right décor feature to have the perfect cozy-luxury ambiance.

Glammfire also has barbecues, bioethanol fireplaces, gas heaters and accessories.


Some outdoor décor brands don’t need much introduction and Minotti is a great example of that. The Italian company has a solid reputation in the design market since 1948. The unique furniture, for indoors and outdoors, melds permanently tradition with innovation and results in a timeless elegance.

Their commitment to excellence involves all the brand from the modern technologies to the skills of talented artisan. Minotti products are suitable for all kind of project either in residential or hospitality segments. That happens mostly due to the great versatility of the pieces.


Myface is an outdoor furniture company, based in the north of Portugal.

Their furniture design is unique, and the incredible ambiances they have been showing are dreamy (and luxurious). The brand’s goal is to eliminate the “line” that separates the indoor from the outdoor and to show that this space has as much potential as the first one.

Myface has the best solutions to enhance any outdoor space, and transform it into the outdoor of your dreams! Besides, all pieces are customizable. You can choose from a various list of finishes and materials, the details of your furniture piece.


Roda believes in outdoor happiness and transmits that through its designs and furniture. They aim to create outdoor surroundings that are beautiful, comfort, and durable.

The collections designed by Roda creates “inviting spaces to envelop a dimension of happiness, to fill the senses with well-being, to let nature be the backdrop for hospitality and gratification”. Their designs can be in perfect harmony with the surroundings and, in that way, contributing for creating unique spaces. These spaces are designed to reflect the owner’s personality.

Tradition, innovation, and competence are the main keywords that define Roda.

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