Luxury Home Project

This luxury home project is in a very desirable tract in the hills above Sunset plaza, Los Angeles, and has stunning views.

Let’s know more about this luxury hillside home!

Marcheeta I, a luxury hillside home

This amazing project was developed by the architecture studio McClean Design. The interiors are Lynda Murray Interior Design authorship. Since the location of the house has views over the LA skyline, this was one of the architecture studio’s goals: make the most of landscapes. For that, they included expansive walls of disappearing glass and linear skylights that not only provide the views over the surroundings, but also the entrance of natural light.

The McClean architecture team took advantage of all space available to create functional spaces. They utilized the terrain of the lot to build a large basement-level entertaining area with parking. Besides, and since the property sloped back in two directions, they were able to enter the basement level garage from the street and also to create a small rear yard. This provides light and access to additional bedrooms and entertainment rooms.

One important key when doing a residential project is privacy. Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable at home. Well, once again the architecture studio completed the task successfully. The architects used a beautiful marble wall that completely screens the front of the house. Besides, it creates an entry water courtyard that opens to the kitchen.

The interiors by Lynda Murray Interior Design although simple, have the notorious luxury. Together, the two teams created a palette with warm and natural tones using different materials such as stones and wood ceilings. That conceives the house a cozy feeling that should be a must in all houses.

If the house interiors are splendid, the outdoor couldn’t be left behind. The main level is where all the outdoor entertaining happens.

The swimming pool cascades into a water feature below that wraps around a fire pit of the main entertaining area. Another amazing feature in the house is the skylights within the pool. Yes, you read it right. These skylights allow the daylight and views of swimmers to the pool below.

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