Top Indoor Pool Projects You Need To Know

One of the most desirable things about winter is that we can use heated indoor pools. In fact, using an indoor pool is not just about diving with warm water and relaxing. It is also about contemplating the architecture and design that involves it. Yes, because the indoor pool projects we are about to show you, have amazing designs that could perfectly be considered works of art.

Chanel Spa – The Ritz Paris

The Chanel Spa includes a neoclassical swimming pool. The primary goal of the designer was to give a relaxing ambiance, not forgetting the aesthetic of it.

The interior design is based on a black and white palette, Coromandel lacquer screens, gilded mirrors, numerous portraits, rock crystal chandeliers, and velvet details, each one reflecting the preferences of the fashion queen.

The pool features 50 shades of blue caused by the approximately 800,000 hand-laid mosaics.


Myface Spa Project
A very distinctive project, characterized by the choice of furniture that is mostly from the outdoor furniture brand Myface.
This project features details that connect us to nature, such as the landscapes that we see from the large glass windows and the vertical garden in the Spa area. Neutral colors are clearly the choice of the designer, who, in addition to being soft, wanted to bring comfort to the space and to those who frequent it.
These neutral colors are contrasted by the black marble walls that add a touch of elegance and luxury.


 Six Senses Douro Valley spa

This indoor pool is located in one of the best hotels in Portugal, the Six Senses Douro Valley spa. A space that conveys serenity, calm and above all, well-being.
In this interior pool, we find large windows that allow you to enjoy the wonderful view that the entire hotel offers, the choice of furniture is simple, which does not compromise the space. In this space, you can find several rooms and treatment, furnished with more technical pieces, which excel in the comfort and well-being of the guests.
A perfect example that often, less is more.


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