Outdoor Umbrellas Selection For 2023

Now that the days are longer and warmer, it is the perfect time to gather up outdoors. This means that the outdoor space needs to meet all the good weather demands: having comfortable seating and, of course, a good shade. But, for having a refreshing shade, you need a stylish complement. On that note, check these outdoor umbrellas selection that will definitely mark the outdoor space for 2023.

Ombra | Paola Lenti

Ombra, by Paola Lenti, is one of the best umbrella designs that will outstand your outdoor space. This umbrella has two separate semi-circles panels that you can incline depending on the sun’s orientation. Also, it is available with a base or a picket to adapt to bearing and non-bearing surfaces. Its aluminum structure is available in a wide range of colors just like its upholstery.


Infina UX Culture | Umbrosa

Versa UX Architecture by Umbrosa is part of the best outdoor umbrellas that you can find. Exclusively made for giving all the outdoor perks, it is extremely functional. This umbrella will adapt to any outdoor area and is available in sand or black colors.

Square M Cantilever | Dedon  

The Square M Cantilever by Dedon is the best outdoor umbrella if you are looking for protection with a large surface. Its minimalist design and smooth engineering can blend easily into any outdoor area without causing distractions. This luxurious, height modular, and 360º rotatable umbrella is available in white and anthracite.


Ensombra Folding | Gandia Blasco

More than a decorative umbrella, Ensombra offers an exclusive design that allows playing with the sunshade by opening and closing it simply by pushing its slats. All of this results in a set of lights and shades. Made of galvanized steel and stainless steel thermos-lacquered Ensombra is available in eight different colors.


An outdoor umbrella makes part of the outdoor relaxing moments. Besides it is very needed to protect the sun so make sure you choose one that meets these requirements.

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