Get To Know The Top IMM Exhibitors

The IMM stands for Internationalen Möbelmesse, which mean ”International Furniture Fair” in German, and is a renowned international furniture fair that attracts exhibitors and visitors worldwide. The decision to have a trade visitor-only fair for a one-off period of four days in June indicates a shift in focus towards business and networking opportunities for industry professionals.

Dick Spierenburg and Bernd Sanden are experienced professionals in interior design and furniture exhibitions. Their involvement in reorienting the IMM cologne suggests that the fair is looking to revamp and improve its offerings.

Artisan, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

Artisan has built its foundation on a strong tradition of woodwork. They’ve gained experience working with designers from other countries, which has likely broadened their perspectives and helped them refine their craft. Collaborating with regional designers to create their own collection shows their commitment to the local community and unique brand identity.

Atmosfera, Croatia

The Atmosfera’s drawing inspiration from nature and experimental science, and approaching each new task with patience and dedication, help to ensure that each concept is original and intellectually fresh. The commitment to producing experimental projects alongside implemented architecture speaks to a desire to push boundaries and explore new possibilities. It’s also notable that Atmosfera works in both architecture and product design, as well as contributing to strategic thinking at a global, state, or lower level. This multifaceted approach suggests a broad and inclusive perspective on the role of design in shaping society and culture.

Camfero, Poland

Camfero has been working to place a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and unique design. Focusing on creating furniture and interior fittings that are not based solely on mass production suggests a commitment to creating products that are truly one-of-a-kind. Talking about metal furniture specifically designed to fit into an industrial-style interior, with large, post-industrial spaces, speaks to a deep understanding of the aesthetic preferences of the target market, giving an interior a vintage style shows a willingness to go above and beyond in terms of providing a complete design solution.

House Nordic, Netherlands

House Nordic’s focus on embracing the Nordic living style is a strong point of differentiation in the market, as this style is known for its simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. By presenting a strong collection of furniture and interior products that reflect the hottest trends and colors of the season, also you can find a large selection of accessories indoors and outdoors ensuring that customers can find everything they need to create a cohesive and stylish look throughout their homes. By designing products that create value, they are able to provide customers with high-quality, durable pieces that are built to last.

Myface, Portugal

Myface is a brand that takes inspiration from the simple pleasures in life to be inspired to create outdoor furniture that’s both stylish and functional, Myface aims to enhance daily experiences and bring more happiness into people’s lives. By designing products that seamlessly integrate into daily routines, Myface products are designed to provide moments of joy and enhance the overall quality of life. Focus in prioritize physical and emotional comfort, especially in the spaces where we spend a lot of time, like our homes and outdoor areas. Providing comfortable and functional furniture can enhance the daily experiences of people and make their lives more enjoyable.

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