Outdoor Materials For Your Garden Furniture

Before choosing your outdoor furniture, you must take into consideration the type of materials they are made of because indoor and outdoor furniture have some differences.

Outdoor furniture is constantly being tested by weather conditions such as rain, dust, UV rays, color fading, or wind. So, before you decide the type of furniture, we are going to show you the pros and cons of the different materials to help you have long-lasting outdoor furniture!

1. Stainless Steel

This metal is incredibly strong which makes it perfect for dining tables and sofas. It can endure extreme temperatures and is virtually immune to rust or corrosion caused by the weather.

Furniture made of this metal has high density and is heavy so it´s resistant to wind. It´s, also, very easy to clean and recyclable metals are often used to make stainless steel.

It´s also used for high-end modern outdoor furniture because it has a glamorous contemporary look. Its price, although expensive, is worth every penny.

2. Aluminium

It´s one of the most used materials for outdoor furniture because it is strong and relatively lightweight. It´s easy to work with, requires low maintenance and it´s very difficult to rust.

Although some coating is recommended to prevent fading, the material is quite resistant and it´s not very expensive.

The only downside is that Aluminium retains heat and can blow over with high winds.

3. Acrylic Fabric

These fabrics are very resistant to weather conditions and daily damage. It can easily be hold against rubbing and tearing and it has a higher fading resistance compared to other types of fabrics. Acrylic fabric is also water-resistant and easy to clean.

All things considered; this material is one of the most complete to the outdoor space.

4. Closed Cell Foam

The piece is only as good as the material that goes in them and, at some point, they will be under the rain, humidity, and extreme heat and even if they have the best fabrics, water will eventually go into the closures and seams.

In order to fight that, the core foam must be able to dry quickly and maintain its shape and comfort. Although expensive, the Closed Cell Foam is water repellent and it´s indicated for boat sitting or life vests.

5. Marble

Marble is a 100% natural material that emanates charm, luxury, quality, and elegance to any outdoor space, from swimming pools, to outdoor kitchens, rooftops, terraces, and so on.

This material can be used in every type of furniture, in every corner. There are no limits to imagination.

For being such a precious material, it needs cleaning and maintenance to preserve and keep it always brand new.

Any outdoor furniture can be made with any of these materials. The only things that you must be careful with are: the quality, if they are made for an outdoor environment and if the material suits the rest of the décor, and of course if you like the material (that’s a big if).

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