Get To Know The Best Seating Pieces

To count amazing memories with your loved ones, you need to know the best seating pieces surrounding your outdoors. We selected different designs to make sure it fits every environment and every taste. Read this article and get to know the best seating pieces for your patio.


If you have an outdoor space, you must decorate it with armchairs since they’re probably the most useful furniture item you can add to your patio. The versatility behind the armchairs is countless, not only allow you to set your imagination free to decorate how you desire but also to attend to any need whether it is to seat with friends or to relax by the pool.

Due to its elegant gold-plated stainless-steel details, and its rods in clear acrylic, the iconic Houdini Armchair by Myface allows all the existing lights and shadows to shine through the piece.


Hanging Chair

It’s time to look for a hanging chair since it is a very versatile piece of furniture, not only to relax but perfect for spending some time reading, journaling, or taking a nap. It can be held on a tree or roof, whatever is more convenient for you, the key is to put it in the calmest corner to make sure you can create a relaxing environment.

The hanging chair by Dedon is super innovative with an organic structure and the cocoon-like sense of protection it affords, the Nestrest lounger has established itself as an icon of contemporary design. This piece comes with cushions in its interior to make you feel the most comfortable.


Sofas are indeed a very important piece to every indoor living room, however, when we are talking to build the lounge set, the sofa is potentially the star of the topic. This kind of seating perfectly matches with your friends, so you can seat all together and spend the long summer nights talking and cheering about life.

The Vis à Vis Sofa byTribú is designed to be exposed to an outdoor environment since it is protected by an extra inside cover and the thread used to stitch the seams swells when wet, further preventing water from entering. Also, you can enjoy the large palette of colors, with more than 100 nature-inspired outdoor fabrics.


Chaise Longues

Looking forward to spend the afternoon taking sunbaths? You will need chaise longues. We can easily picture these outdoor chairs by the poolside, the perfect place to combine the swim and sunbath time.

The Jardín Outdoor Lounge Chair by Paola Lenti, with fixed upholstery, is directly hand woven onto the structure. The series Jardín also includes a lounge chair and a matching low lounge chair.



Poufs besides being comfortable are very versatile, especially for outdoor use, increasing the possibilities for collaborative spaces, offices, and educaional centers that want to take advantage of the exterior. Also, poufs can be easily used as a footrest or as an independent seat.

This Kettal Pouf is made with rope and aluminum, thinking specifically to fit every outdoor space, in a range of different colors and sizes.


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