Top Yacht Projects by Sinot You Need To know

Recently we step inside the project by H2 Yacht Design, now we selected the top yacht projects by Sinot you need to know. Sander Sinot is a Dutch yacht designer who started his professional career at the industrial design studio of Henry Dreyfuss in New York. Sinot Yacht Design has become a prominent name in the luxury yacht industry, and the company has worked on several landmark projects over the years. Sander Sinot and his team at Sinot Yacht Design have established a reputation for creating some of the most innovative and luxurious yacht designs in the industry. Here are the top yacht projects by Sinot you need to know.

The Aqua

The Aqua is a groundbreaking superyacht designed by Sinot Yacht & Architecture Design, which measures nearly 400 feet in length and is powered entirely by a renewable energy source. The yacht was designed with a focus on sustainability and minimizing its impact on the environment. This unbelievable project also features a range of other sustainable technologies and design features, such as a waste heat recovery system and energy-efficient lighting. The yacht’s design also incorporates natural materials and elements, such as wood and stone, in order to create a sense of harmony with the natural world.

Poetry Yacht Concept

Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, the renowned Dutch design house, has recently unveiled its latest superyacht concept, named Poetry. This 129.6-meter yacht concept is designed with a focus on the owner’s perspective and aims to provide the ultimate privacy by featuring a dedicated deck for the owner. The owner’s deck is located at the front of the yacht and features a private pool, lounge area, and a Jacuzzi, providing an exclusive and luxurious space for the owner to relax and unwind. The Poetry superyacht concept is designed with sustainability in mind, and the yacht’s propulsion system features an eco-friendly diesel-electric hybrid engine.


Project Nature is a superyacht concept designed to showcase the latest in luxury yacht design and technology. The yacht features a range of innovative design features, including a panorama deck with an enormous size of over 900 square meters, and a fully functional inner garden with a climate control system. The superyacht provides an impressive vantage point for guests to take in the surrounding views. Additionally, the yacht’s aft area has retractable platforms that can be opened to create an expansive beach club area, making it one of the most impressive beach club areas on a superyacht to date.

The Art of Life

The Art of Life is a 28-meter superyacht built by Heesen Yachts in 1989 and extensively refitted in 2014. The yacht’s exterior design and engineering were handled by Mulder Design, while the interior styling was done by Art Line. The superyacht features timeless styling and elegant furnishings, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for guests. The yacht’s interior boasts sumptuous seating and beautiful furnishings, providing guests with a relaxing and enjoyable experience onboard. This amazing project is a stunning example of classic yacht design and offers guests a luxurious and comfortable cruising experience.


The Zen is an 88.38-meter motor yacht built by the renowned Dutch shipyard Feadship and delivered in 2021. Designed by Studio De Voogt, the Zen superyacht boasts a striking exterior design and a range of impressive features, including a large swim platform, a helipad, and a spacious sundeck. The yacht’s interior was designed by Nauta Design, a highly respected firm with a portfolio of more than 60 superyacht interiors. This is a stunning example of Feadship’s commitment to excellence in yacht design and construction, offering guests an unparalleled cruising experience in the lap of luxury.

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