Nurturing Nature Year-Round : The Allure and Design of Winter Gardens

Who doesn’t dream of a little green oasis, even when snow blankets our outdoors ? Well, thanks to the magic of design, this dream is more attainable than ever. In this article, we will show you some projects that make you want to grab your blanket and hot chocolate to enjoy nature, even in the heart of winter. Whether it’s traditional or integrated into your interior, a winter garden is the ideal way to enjoy nature in all seasons and relax to the full.

Scandinavian charm with alvar aalto : “Villa Mairea

Renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto designed Villa Mairea as a perfect fusion of interior and exterior. This architectural masterpiece uses wood, glass and stone to create a space that exudes serenity. A timeless design that uses natural materials to blend into the environment.


Comfort and modernity with B&B Italia

This Italian brand is renowned for its luxury outdoor furniture. It’s not the first time we’ve mentioned it in this blog, you can take a look at our article “The Most Luxury Sofas In The World” for example. Their collections like the “Butterfly” series, combine aesthetics and functionality. Indoor or outdoor, it’s a top-of-the-range design for ultimate relaxation. A great ally for a timeless and high-quality winter garden.


Tropical exuberance by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal : “Maia”

Patricia Urquiola, in collaboration with the Kettal brand, has designed the “Maia” collection. With its bird’s-nest motifs and woven materials, it offers a tropical escape in your winter garden. A design that combines lightness, strength and aesthetics. Take a look to our article “Get To Know Patricia Urquiola“.


Top-of-the-range comfort with Myface

Portuguese design also comes to the party. The high-end outdoor furniture brand Myface presents a swing that blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of a luxury winter garden. With thick cuchions and a contemporary silhouette, the “Fable” is the ideal companion for relaxing moments.


Traditional winter garden

If you prefer a traditional winter garden, rather than creating one in your house as seen in the first image, Alitex is a specialist company.

In the classical tradition, many mansions and large houses built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Europe and North America included conservatories or orangeries. These spaces were designed to house tropical plants and serve as resting places during the winter months.


Every winter garden, whether traditional or a more modern addition to your interior, is an invitation to relax and commune with nature. And the best part is that the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the adapted products and talented designers, your space can radiate beauty and comfort, whatever the season.

For even more nature-themed design inspiration, read our article “Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens : Techniques for Urban Outdoor Design“.

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