Rafael Nadal’s Mallorca Masterpiece : A Closer Look At His Captivating New Hotel

If you thought you knew all there was to the Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal, think again. Beyond his court prowess, the racquet ace has served us a surprise. And that’s one ball we didn’t see coming ! Let’s talk about the Rafael Nadal’s Mallorca masterpiece.

A Grand Slam In Mallorca

In partnership with Melia Hotels International, Nadal embarked on an exhilarating venture in the west of Mallorca this summer 2023. Their vision ? Celebrating the very essence of Mediterranean living. With the sun, the sea, and that certain je-ne-sais-quoi that we all dream of.

Welcome to ZEL Mallorca

ZEL Mallorca isn’t just a hotel ; it’s an experience. Picture yourself in a luxurious haven, where every detail evokes the softness of life by the Mediterranean. Activities abound, but relaxation is the name of the game. Waves seem to whisper tales from distant lands from your sea-facing room. And that’s just the beginning…

A Design that breathes serenity

The creators of this space went for a soothing and natural design. Raw wood, delicate lighting, and soft colors blend harmoniously with the surrounding vegetation. It feels just like home – if home had a pool facing the sea. We also can see subtle touches reminiscent of seaside life. Like those hanging ropes, serving as separators between the bathroom and bed in certain rooms. It’s poetic, it’s chic, it’s… Mediterranean !

Rafael Nadal didn’t do things by halves. With ZEL Mallorca, he offers us much more than a mere holiday spot. It’s an ode to Mallorca, to the Mediterranean, and to the lifestyle it inspires. Whether you’re a tennis fan or simply seeking a luxurious escape, ZEL Mallorca is a must-visit.

So, pack your swimsuits and racquets, and if you still haven’t, read this article on the road for more design inspiration.

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