Redefining Sky-high Comfort : The Rooftop Project Revolution

In the Netherlands, unused rooftops are no longer seen as wasted space. The “Rooftop Revolution” is transforming these areas into ecological havens, beautifully blending sustainability with modern design.

As ground space becomes increasingly scarce, their vision is turning skywards. Turning drab rooftops into vibrant green spaces, this initiative is reshaping the urban landscape, making sustainability a core focus. Designers, known for their innovative approach, have seamlessly incorporated aesthetics, ensuring that these rooftops are both ecologically functional and visually pleasing.

“Rotterdam has the largest number of flat roofs in the Netherlands, 18.5 million m2. We can take advantage of this extra space to create green areas, collect water, generate energy, but also exercise, socialise and even live.”

Consider the Vierhavensstrip rooftop park Rotterdam as a prime example :


On the roof of a shopping centre stands a large park with gardens, an orangery, lawns, trees, play areas and more. It’s one of the largest rooftop parks in the country, providing a place to relax between shopping, culture, leisure and work. Water circulation has also been improved.

Design and Sustainability

Ecological roof terraces or rooftops have become increasingly popular in recent years, not least because of growing awareness of the importance of sustainability in construction and design.

PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore

WOHA Architects designed this hotel as a “garden city”. Hanging gardens, waterfalls and green terraces create an urban oasis, combining luxury and ecology.

The Kensington Roof Gardens, London

Located in the heart of Kensington, this hanging garden is one of London’s most iconic. It features full-sized trees, a stream and even pink flamingos. The design remains an excellent example of a luxurious ecological rooftop.

House in Chau Doc, Vietnam

Designed by architect NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS, this private residence is known for its impressive green terrace, which not only provides thermal insulation but also a luxurious outdoor living space for residents.

“Rooftop Revolution” and its contemporary projects will help to combine ecology and modernity. But this revolution in rooftop projects does not mean that we are abandoning design. Many designers and architects around the world have already followed this initiative, offering comfortable and luxurious rooftops.

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