Be Inspired by These 6 Lounge Area Ideas

All the spaces should have a lounge area to create moments of relaxation. This area needs to be, of course, comfortable, made with the best materials, but also modern and with a unique style. The lounge ideas we reunited in this article will help and inspire you in creating the lounge area of your dreams.

Villa Corinthia by B8 Architecture

This luxury and unique bespoke project by B8 Architecture will amaze you in every single detail. It’s a mansion for a family of 7 with more than 3.000 sqm interior built area and with four different levels.

Besides the clear luxury and modernity that the interiors have, the mansion was designed to be highly functional for the everyday life. The luxurious details, immense glass panels, impressive water and fire features, and lighting design shows in perfection the signature style of B8 Architecture.


Dolunay Villa by Foster + Partners

On the coast of the Aegean Sea (Turkey) there’s this astonishing private villa with unique and private sea views.

The main entrance of the villa will take you to the property’s heart where is located the public living, lounge and dining areas. Besides these areas being luxury decorated, they offer unforgettable views of the Aegean’s sunset.

Around the villa there are large glass doors that make the indoor-outdoor living easier and functional.


Golf Villas by Mader Architects

Santa Cruz do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, is home to Golf Villas that surprise for the magnificent landscape and luxurious designs.

In fact, the villas are integrated with the surroundings to create a perfect harmony in the place. The iconic and lush architectural project includes 6 suites, indoor swimming pool, party room, and many other features.


OVD 919 by SAOTA

SAOTA, over the years, has already accustomed us to ambiences and luxury projects that are distinguished by their quality and uniqueness. They have the ability of capture the essence of the place and transmit 

This luxury villa in Cape Town, more precisely below Lion’s Head, is a great example of how SAOTA can integrate luxury and sophistication in every project in different ways. The spectacular views aligned with the luxury interior and outdoor spaces make the perfect dreamy villa.


Respectable House in Repinskoe by Studia 54

The 700m2 house project by Studia 54 is everything you dream for a house. The architecture is in concordance with the natural surrounding landscape. No detail was left to chance – everything was thought and designed to detail making this project luxurious and full of comfort.

One of the peculiarities of the project is the lounge area which is located in the center of the pound. It was integrated in the overall architecture making it a great place to outdoor entertaining and living. This area is complemented is soft sofas and a cozy fireplace.


Sanlorenzo SD96 by Patricia Urquiola

The yacht interior design project for Sanlorenzo has, among other great spaces, a luxurious outdoor lounge area where it’s possible to enjoy the serene views of the ocean. 

The shapes and colors of the design remind and are connected to the marine world, creating harmonious and elegant spaces.

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