3 Luxury Hospitality Projects by WATG

WATG is a world-renowned and highly prestigious design firm with breathtaking and phenomenal hotel buildings. Luxury hospitality projects by WATG are amazing and today we bring you three of them!

#1: Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

This magnificent hospitality project by WATG is located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in the Baja California peninsula. This hotel project is above all a wellness center created in Mexico, ultra-luxurious offering a splendid view of the sea to its residents.

Its enclosure, made of carved stone walls, is dotted with waterways, which offers a certain serenity, as do the surrounding palm trees that give a heavenly air to this place. Let us now turn to its decoration and architecture. Mainly built in carved stone and blocks on the outside, the interior is characterized by very simple but ultra-modern furniture, reinforcing the serenity and tranquility. There is a lot of wood and sculptures in the middle of the courtyard. Finally, you can also see outdoor restaurants along the beach, which are located next to the sand.

If you are planning a holiday in Mexico in this region, this is probably one of the best hospitality projects done by WATG in the region.

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#2: Jinshuo Hotel + Resort

If you are planning a trip to southwest China, then thank you, we have found you a place to stay! Located in the city of Sichuan, this beautiful hospitality project resort is situated on the banks of a river and is a true place of meditation and relaxation.

Its architecture perfectly embodies that of the Han Chinese culture, which is characterised by a lack of curves in its design and very straight forms. The main enclosure is not very imposing and the promenade is covered by a magnificent roof, typical of Chinese architecture. Passers-by will also be able to walk in the midst of the softness thanks to the small glow of the lights along the way, barely illuminating the watercourse. The main building has large openings and no walls to let the light in. Finally, the interior design and furniture are also Chinese inspired with the omnipresence of wood in the furniture, as well as in the parquet floor.

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#3: Waldorf Astoria Lusail, Doha

Finally, here is the Waldorf Astoria hospitality project, located in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The design is quite original with its round architecture and inverted podium roof, allowing it to house penthouses with terraces overlooking the sea. Its smooth and simple curves embody the waves of the ocean. Its original architecture means that all rooms have balconies, allowing for quiet sea views. It has several pools, a surfing area and a private jetty. It is the ideal place to go with your children because of the many facilities for them. This is probably the best hospitality project on the list. Its interior furnishings, especially in the restaurant and bar area, blend tradition and modernity, or how to innovate while remaining traditional.

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