Emerging Designers Around the World

A new generation of emerging designers is developing opulent rooms that are both beautiful and functional.

Here are five up-and-coming designers and design firms from the world’s most fashionable cities whose work is generating waves in the design industry.

Tristan Auer (Tristan Auer Studio– Paris)

Tristan Auer‘s spaces are the embodiment of Parisian chic: beautiful, elegant, and perfectly ageless.

Mr. Auer, with 47 years old, established his own studio in Paris in 2002 after developing his skills when working alongside Christian Liaigre and Philippe Starck.

In the same year, he was selected to create Coco Chanel’s Paris residences on rue Cambon.

He opened Wilson Associates’ first European headquarters, which specializes in the luxury hotel industry, launched three years ago.

Following his own words, “Interior design is all about layout and flow. The decoration is about color and style. I’m not that interested in decoration.”

ALAO (Connecticut)

Aya Maceda and James Carse formed the ALAO company immediately after meeting in 2017.

Nowadays, they have offices in Brooklyn, New York, and New Orlean and have created a uniquely humanistic approach to their work that mixes it with a feeling of playfulness. 

Thus, they created a lot of well-known and distinct spaces.


Bryan O’Sullivan (Bryan O’Sullivan Studio– London)

Bryan O’Sullivan has created a number of residential and commercial spaces around the globe since launching his own design business in London in 2013.

His designs are personalized and unique, and he characterizes them as “timeless and exquisite, homey yet cutting-edge chic.”

His studio, which began in his bedroom, now encompasses two floors in a London office with a 20 people as staff.

He aspires to provide a “fresh perspective” that considers his clients’ needs and desires as a young designer.

He said, “I look up to Annabelle Selldorf. She is an incredible architect/designer, and she always strikes the right balance of beauty, elegance and art.”

Andrew Sun (Atelier Sun– Toronto)

Andrew Sun is an architect and interior designer who creates organic, minimalist interiors that play with spatial connections and shadows.

Mr. Sun, 35 years old, is known for the Courtyard House, an award-winning residence he created and decorated that contains his characteristic statement: real trees placed in the living space.

He studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design and opened his private atelier in 2013.

“My heart lies more in the architectural field,” he said. “I strive to cut to bone in my design to seek the balance point where there is nothing to add and nothing to take away.”


Do you know other emerging designers to share with us?

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