Luxury Mexican House

This luxury Mexican house is a place where it’s possible to relax with a great view and in the most luxurious comfort. You will understand better what we are saying after reading the article and viewing these amazing images!

All the photo credits are to Roland Halbe and Jaime Navarro.

Vallarta House

Vallarta House is the name of a Mexican house by the prestigious Mexican studio Ezequiel Farca. It is in the seaside resort of Puerto Vallarta and dates to 2013. Its main asset is the breathtaking view it offers over the Pacific Bay.

Featuring the modern architecture of houses without roofs or flat roofs, the architectural concept has public and private areas, which converge on the bay. In that way, these two spaces come together to contemplate the magnificent landscape that the sea offers. This is also due to the huge bay windows on the seaside of the Mexican house. There are no concrete or closed walls in this area. The bay windows also allow natural sunlight to penetrate the entire Mexican house, both above and below.

The choice of materials has been judiciously made. There are two main materials: wood and stone. The stone walls help to cool the house during high temperatures, which is common in a tropical country like Mexico. The wood is in the furniture of the Mexican house (a mix of 50s and contemporary designs) as well as in some other parts.

The walls have flowers, and so has the roof, which also serves to protect the house from the heat and avoid the need for air conditioning.

In terms of equipment, this Mexican house is of the highest standard. There’s a fitness center inside the house, jacuzzis, swimming pools, numerous bedrooms, and several convivial areas inside and outside thanks to a landscaped terrace. We can’t end this article without mentioning the magnificent outdoor fireplace that allows everyone to gather around the fire and ultimately, the Mexican warmth.

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