Modern Outdoor Planters for 2023 spring

The best and most exciting way to spruce up your home is by including modern outdoor planters in your decor.

House plants, besides helping to purify the air, also give the natural feeling that every space aims for. The great news about this is that you can have houseplants both indoor and outdoor through stylish outdoor planters and we made a fine selection to help you with that. Check them out!


The Portuguese brand, Myface, always finds a way to surprise us and the Eden planters are no exception.

The design’s inspiration was the happiness that can be lived outdoors and how these outdoor planters can contribute to that. Besides this, their design is meant to awaken the life and piece of the outdoor spaces.

The planters are available in six different sizes which means that Eden can be perfectly framed into any area. And, as Myface gets us used to it, it is possible to customize the colors of the fiberglass, find all the colors available here.

Myface – Eden Planter

White Lion by Garden Glory

Since we discovered Garden Glory there isn’t one product that we don’t love. The brand marks the difference and shows us that outdoor spaces have so much design and decor potential. For them, there are no limits to imagination, and thankfully for us!

The White Lion pot will definitely stand out either in your backyard or in your living room. After all, it’s not every day that you have the possibility of having a lion in your space (*insert side-eye emoji*).

This majestic planter is made with a white matte finish made of terracotta and with the detail of an ear-piercing made of brass, this lioness exudes confidence and drama.


Pillow Planter by VONDOM

The Pillow plater by VONDOM has, certainly, a unique design that no brand can compete with. The designer responsible for this piece, Stefano Giovannoni, does a distinctive approach to outdoor furniture design through means of cushions.

Inspired by a Mediterranean and warm design, this design evokes for relaxing and happiness.

Now you know that the best way to refresh a space is by adding plants in a modern planter! Furthermore, there’s nothing that can amplify a plant’s beauty more than a stylish planter! Don’t you agree?

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