Residential Project in Brazil – Luar House

The name of Luar (moonlight) House comes from the street where this residential project is located. The terrain has an 8m slope which makes the work much more challenging, but at the same time, much more rewarding. In this way, the architectural team created a single-family residence, perfectly framed into the terrain and the landscape too.

Luar House project has three distinctive floors. The access level is where all the social places are and where the gatherings and memories happen. First floor, on the other hand, is private and only for the ones who live in Luar House. In the end, the basement has two functions: house service and house entertainment.

The most used ambients have direct and free views of the surrounding landscape. Although, in the basement, there is direct access to the green outdoor area of the front yard.

The connection between the different materials in this house is amazing. The wood with its warmth and the concrete with its simplicity, have a happy marriage here.

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