Relaxing Outdoors: How to Design Your Space

Contrary to what many people think, an outdoor area is not a displaced space. An outdoor area must be an extension of the indoor, so you should be able to relax outdoors as you relax indoors, discover how to design your outdoor space.

The design can be identical to the one that you have indoors, or you can opt for a totally different setup. The whole ambiance has to match your personality, so choose what you like the most, to be able to relax outdoors.

However, there are a few essentials for relaxing outdoors in the best way possible. Check them out!

1. Add Comfort

To properly relax outdoors, you must be cozy and comfortable. Otherwise, the only thing that you’re going to think about is your back pain.

For the furniture to be totally comfortable it also has to be made with high-quality outdoor materials. This will prevent deterioration of the piece and it will last longer.

Comfort can be a subjective theme. Some people are comfortable in an armchair, others prefer a sunbed, for example. So, our suggestion is a sofa. Why? Well, there’s nothing more functional and comfortable than a sofa. You can sit like in an armchair; you can lay down like in a sunbed… All of this with sophisticated and luxurious pillows for supporting your back.

Minotti has a lot of sofa suggestions, but today’s favorite is Florida. “The seating system presents itself as a carefully designed collection of soft and geometric volumes, defined by profiles in eco-leather suitable for outdoor use.”

2. Private Moments

The first step of “How to relax outdoors- 101 Guide” is to be in peace, without anything or anyone disturbing you. We all need that kind of moment. That moment where we just want to be alone, listen to good music (we’ll get there soon), and relax, without thinking of anything.

To not lose all the luxury and sophistication that your outdoor relaxation zone has (or will have) you must opt for the same-style screen.

Myface values the quality of all outdoor moments, and it was with this thought that they created this outdoor screen. Lights and shadows scattered by acrylic waves blend into the outdoor environment around the pieces, providing sophistication and privacy in any outdoor space.

3. Cozy Feeling

A study made by us says that having an outdoor fire pit/fireplace improves relaxation by 70%. This happens because the fireplace is the coziest outdoor complement ever. Just imagine, sitting in your backyard, on a cool night, while reading your favorite book with a mesmerizing sound of wood cracking in the firepit. Couldn’t think of a better relaxing scenario.

For your safety, choose a firepit. It is easier to control fire and prevent accidents.

GlammFire has the most awesome and sophisticated firepits on the market. Our suggestion is Operetta. Its minimalist and elegant design can easily adapt to every outdoor environment.


4. Light up the space

Having light in your outdoor relaxation zone is also important. Besides illuminating the area, it can also create a comfortable ambiance.

You should opt for a lamp with a minimalist design, and low light, to not disturb your relaxation process. The design must be weather-resistant to be perfectly suitable for the outdoor ambiance.

Kettal lamp, Half Dome, has all of this. The minimalist yet sophisticated design allows it to integrate any area, without being “too much”.

5. Create Ambiance

We all have that music or that sound that takes our mind go to a magical and relaxing ambiance. All options are valid, the idea is to listen to what you most like.

To listen to all of this and much more, you should use a portable outdoor speaker. With this outdoor complement you will hear your favorite jam with the best sound quality ever.

This outdoor speaker from Bang & Olufsen has the perfect design for you to enjoy your wine and listen to good music in a sophisticated way.

Design your perfect outdoor relaxation area with the best quality and comfort. Don’t forget that this area must have all the things and elements that you consider relaxing. It is your personal space, a space where you can spend your “me time” in the most sophisticated way.

Allow yourself to have, at least, three relaxing times in the outdoors. Your mind and our body will thank you later.

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