Design Tips For A Modern Backyard

Modern backyard furnishings will quickly increase your home’s advantages if it is used to decorate its outside areas. You’ll know that outdoor decor is significant because people look at it and determine what sort of person you are.

In order to be known as the specialist of the outdoors among your friends and family, you need to have a modern and stylish backyard. How? Let us show you.

Comfort and Modern Mix

It is possible to be comfortable in an outdoor piece, without losing the luxurious part or its sophistication.

Take a risk in different types of outdoor pieces for your modern backyard. The only rule they should obey is to be in the same “personality”. For example, you can have a sitting area but instead of a traditional sofa, why don’t you bet on a swing? They are a luxury alternative and grant the modern and sophisticated place that you always wanted.

  • outdoor-swing-dedon
  • outdoor-swing-myface
  • outdoor-swing-kettal

Use Modern Backyard Trends!

If you’re proud of getting the latest household goods, or you can’t decide whether or not a new trend is for you, your backyard is the perfect place to try out new trends on the road.

Look for silk, velvet, and terry cloth fabrics, combined back with steel, marble, and ceramics.

The trends to try this summer are also European motifs and graphics.

Find pillows, tableware, rugs and accessories for them. This sophisticated outdoor rug from Minotti is the ultimate trend that you can use, for a stylish backyard.


Expand the indoors to the outdoors

One of the trendiest things is that blurred line between indoor and outdoor. Your outdoor space, should not be a separate room. You must be as comfortable as you feel indoors, so you should bring the style you have there to your modern backyard.

The ideal is that all things you do indoors, can be done outdoors too. And the same tips for the rooms. Who said that you can’t have an outdoor room, for example? Although this is an expansion area, there are brands that dedicate their designs for this subject like: DedonMinottiMyfaceTribù and Roda.

From the color palette and fabrics to its entire style, the open space should certainly complement the interior area. Check this project designed by Bates Masi Architects for a private residence:

  • luxury-house-project
  • luxury-hoe-design
  • residential-project-design
  • house-interior-design
  • iterior-design-ideas

Take Advantage of small spaces

You should play with Texture and shapes. Vibrant colors and the addition of plants in your outside space can add life and interest to your home!

Visual appeal and depth can be increased by combining various styles and finishings.

You could trick the eye to believe it is larger than your outdoor space really is, by, for example, painting the walls with pastel and neutral colors.

In order to have a modern backyard, you have to be aware of the most recent trends and the last outdoor market launches. But, don’t worry, we got your back!

Your outdoor space style must match the rest of the indoors design. Maybe not so much in the same colors palette, but in the same temporal line. If you have a modern indoors design, you should follow that line to the outdoors.

Do you have any other tips to share with us?

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