Outdoor Projects That Will Amaze You!

It is no news that we love everything about the outdoor (or our blog would not have this name, right?). That includes everything from outdoor activities to outdoor projects.

On that note, today we want to share with you these incredible outdoor projects. They will give you the right amount of inspiration to create your own beautiful outdoor space!

Equilibrium Garden

Created for the Melbourne International Flower and garden show, Equilibrium Garden project was designed by Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture. It is a great balance between hardness and softness but also order and disorder. The garden lines are perfectly symmetric but the flowerbeds remind us of the English garden due to the mix and match of plants and flowers.

All elements like flowers, plants, grass, and wood are the ones that we can find in a garden too. It resembles a living area that provides both the comfort of an outdoor terrace and the pleasure of being in nature.

The Wing of Swallow

This 940m square area located in Shen Zen, China was designed by TJAD Original Design Studio. The building inspiration was a children’s playground but also integrates other functions and landscape venues. Amusement, rest, and viewing, this is what the project is all about.

Most of the construction is made of wood and all the materials used can be seen from the visitor’s eye. So as to preserve the original environment on the site, it was made the choice of creating four openings on the roof, in the form of the tangram, so that trees could grow luxuriantly.

Penda Landscape Pavilion

This pavilion was for China Garden Exposition in Wuhan, to highlight the importance of protecting the environment. This landscape of hills and valleys brings the visitors on a pathway that imitates a river.

The entire project has its inspiration from water, reflecting on the fact that water is the connecting circulation system of our precious resources and our physical connection with the planet. To reinforce this message of preservation, at the entrance they give seeds to plant in the garden.

Urban Valley Commercial District

This project, in Shanghai, is a public commercial district, that also aims to connect Jiangpu Park to the riverside greenbelt. More than being a simple connecting pathway, it creates an urban valley with infinite possibilities for its residents and includes retreated boundary walls to escape from the city.

The design of the space was to interpret the natural spaces such as woodlands, valleys, and mountains streams to create a unique and natural commercial experience.

Although different, all of these outdoor projects have in common their originality and amazing designs! They’re a great way to make everyone feel in nature, even though in the middle of the city!

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