Spa projects by Champalimaud Design

Champalimaud Design in an interior design studio based in New York City well known for its excellency and luxurious projects all over the world. Born and raised in Portugal, Alexandra Champalimaud, the creator of the studios has had an admirable career: she is considered one of the best hotel interior designers in the world and even won the Gold Key Awards for hospitality and design in 2009.

Her vast portfolio focuses on designing luxury hospitality, residential, offices and spa projects, which include the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles, The Pierre and Carlyle in New York for example.

In this article we will explore some of Champalimaud’s most inspiring luxury spa projects all over the world.


This Five-Star rated spa in Beverly Hills inspired us with its modern and clean lines. The beautiful reception is cozy, but simple enough to make you feel immediately relaxed as you walk through the door. The same colors and theme continue all the way to the relaxation room. This is a great choice for this space that is supposed to involve you in a sense of peacefulness.



The Niseko Village Spa is meant to be a retreat for guests of all ages to relax, recharge and rejuvenate while in contact with nature. This idea what perfectly conveyed with this beautiful outdoor fireplace. It’s a modern minimalist round fireplace that contrasts perfectly with the outdoor scenery. What’s more, the choice of green for the accent color in the indoors was a brilliant idea. This makes the costumer fell relaxed and in contact with nature and the characteristic pine trees even while indoors. This beautifully designed spa guarantees a luxury experience all the way through.


THE GAINSBOROUGH SPA – Bath, United Kingdom

Spa Village Bath promises to offer a “contemporary perspective on the city thermal water heritage”. They managed to portray this through their design. A mixture of modern and classic that provides a magnificent and relaxing space. This can be seen in the simple angular lines of the furniture along with the tile pattern of the floor. The design of the space accurately represents the luxury and the high quality of the spa.


Even though Champalimaud has a characteristic style, every single one of these projects is perfectly adapted to the purpose and the place.

It is the perfect example of luxury design that portrays to the guests the feelings the designers intended them to feel.

Which one of these projects by Champalimaud Design inspired you the most?

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