Outdoor Projects By The Best Interior Designers

To start dreaming about the most marvelous outdoor space, you need the hand of the best interior designers in the world mostly because they own innovative visions and creative souls. We have selected the most iconic outdoor projects by the best interior designers in the world, so you can set free your imagination and start planning your patio inspired by these masterminds. Here are seven outdoor projects by the best interior designers you need to know about to feel inspired to get ready your outdoors ready for summer.

Southampton Beach House by Kelly Benhun Studio

Kelly Behun Studio is a renowned interior design firm based in New York City that offers a personalized and hands-on approach to interior design, furniture, and decorative accessories. Founded by Kelly Behun, the studio is known for producing customized environments that are perfectly tailored to each client’s needs. The studio’s emphasis on collaboration and individualized service ensures that clients are provided with a highly personal experience.

The Southampton Beach House is inspired by the environment surrounding this project. An ocean view was the only special request to this building, the house is designed to invite these sensory experiences inside via the transparency of 1-2 foot high glass walls.

Barbados House by Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen’s reputation as a multi-award-winning designer is well-deserved, as her ever-evolving style has earned her numerous prestigious awards and accolades. With over 43 years of experience, Kelly Hoppen Interiors has completed thousands of projects, creating couture interiors that are both timeless and elegant.

This luxury residence is spread over four floors, including a basement, and features five bedrooms, all of which are en-suite except for one. The residence also boasts two spacious living areas, one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. The design of the living areas is tailored to provide ample space for relaxation and entertainment, with an emphasis on comfort and luxury.

Town Village Walk by V-Starr

V Starr is a highly respected full-service interior design firm founded by Venus Williams in 2002. With a focus on commercial design, particularly in the hospitality and multifamily sectors, the firm also has extensive experience in high-end residential design.

Town Village Walk is an incredible place to live, with a host of indoor and outdoor amenities to suit every lifestyle. The beautiful lakefront jogging paths and sand volleyball, tennis, and pickleball courts are perfect for those who love to stay active, while water sports enthusiasts can enjoy paddleboarding, fishing, and kayaking. One of the standout features of Town Village Walk is the grand resort-style pool, which boasts grotto waterfalls, an oversized hot tub, and regulation swim lanes. The pool area is sure to be a popular spot for residents, whether they are looking to relax in the sun or enjoy a refreshing swim.

Ponce Davis Residence in Miami by Choeff Levy Fischman Architects

Choeff Levy Fischman has a strong reputation in the architecture and design industry, especially in the realm of high-end custom residential homes, multi-family developments, and hotels. The fact that they have been able to attract such a diverse and high-profile clientele speaks to their expertise and ability to deliver exceptional design solutions. Their portfolio is quite impressive, and they have a team of highly skilled professionals working with them to bring their client’s visions to life.

The South Florida residence is located on 1.5 acres of land and measures close to 12,000 square feet, which the backyard features an artificial lawn and a pool that comes right up to the grass’ edge. The outdoor cabana is located next to an underground hot tub and each room was designed to include a connecting outdoor patio complete with a cantilevered overhang for full shade.

Bay Road, Miami by Juan Montoya

Juan Montoya is an accomplished and well-traveled interior designer. His background in both architecture and design likely gives him a unique perspective and approach to his work. His firm has projects located throughout the United States and internationally, suggesting that he has a wide range of clients and is able to adapt his designs to different cultural contexts. I imagine his designs must be characterized by a sophisticated and cosmopolitan aesthetic, and he has a talented team of designers working with him to bring his vision to life.

Nouveau Réalisme by Blainey North

Blainey North is a highly respected figure in the world of interior and architectural design. Her modern and visionary approach to design, coupled with her extensive knowledge of craft and interior architecture, has likely earned her a reputation as a leader in the industry. Her portfolio of work is diverse and sophisticated, with a focus on creating unique and striking spaces that push the boundaries of traditional design.

The designers of the Baglietto Superyacht, Mischief, took an innovative and daring approach to yacht design. By subverting traditional maritime interior design conventions, they were able to create a unique and artistic space that stands out from other yachts. The use of Yves Klein’s ultramarine blue instead of traditional navy blue is a bold choice that adds a pop of color and modernity to the space. The decision to shroud the austere Asian timber interior in white lacquer and marble creates a clean and sophisticated canvas that allows the color scheme to stand out.

BeefBar, Malta by Humbert & Poyet

Christophe Poyet and Emil Humbert, two highly skilled designers with backgrounds in interior architecture and architecture, respectively, decided to join forces and create their own agency in Monaco. Since then, they have built an impressive portfolio of work, including projects in a variety of settings such as restaurants, showrooms, offices, villas, apartments, and hotels.

By using warm, earthy tones and adding pops of bright colors, they were able to create a sense of balance and harmony in the space. Additionally, their use of natural and environmentally friendly materials like rattan, ceramics, gypsum, and concrete likely contributed to a feeling of warmth and comfort in the space. They were able to create an open space that feels connected to the sea and the surrounding greenery, emphasizing the natural beauty of the location.

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