Luxury Yacht Furniture You Need To Know

When it comes to selecting luxury furniture for a yacht, there are several factors to consider, including style, functionality, space optimization, and durability. To make sure your furniture concentrates on these multiple factors, we have some tips for choosing luxury yacht furniture you need to know.

Ribbon Lounge Armchair by Myface

Creating a luxurious lounge area on a yacht where you can relax and admire the sunset is an essential idea. To achieve this scenario we advise you to get the Ribbon lounge armchair by Myface, which is a fantastic addition to a yacht lounge area. Its distinctive design, weather-resistant pillows, and removable outdoor fabrics make it well-suited for the marine environment.

Upper Deck Lounge by Paola Lenti

The Upper Deck Lounge, with its carefully selected outdoor furniture from Paola Lenti’s new collection, showcases the brand’s commitment to luxury, style, and comfort.

The lounge provides an exquisite setting for guests to unwind and enjoy the surroundings, overlooking the harbor and Parvis Piscine. The inclusion of iconic products from Paola Lenti’s collections, such as the Orbitry armchairs and Portofino lounge chairs, specifically tailored for the yachting market, highlights the brand’s expertise in creating outdoor furniture that meets the unique requirements of yachts. Collaborating with Sabrina Monte-Carlo which is known for its expertise in luxury outdoor furnishings, and its partnership with Paola Lenti further emphasizes the brand’s presence and reputation in the industry.

Loggia Dining Chair by Summit Furniture

Summit Furniture is another luxury outdoor furniture brand that offers marine-grade furnishings for yachts. Their pieces are handcrafted using high-quality materials like stainless steel, teak, and woven synthetic fibers. The Loggia Dining Arm Chair with Cushion is a part of the Loggia Collection, designed by internationally recognized Glynn Peter Machin in collaboration with Summit Furniture. This modern collection combines ease and elegance, offering a refined and luxurious seating option for various settings.

Oceana Adjustable Chaise by Sutherland

The Oceana collection, designed by renowned UK superyacht design firms Bannenberg and Rowell, is a testament to both inspirations from the high seas and durability. The Oceana Adjustable by Sutherland combines elegance, durability, and a contemporary design sensibility. Its premium materials and thoughtful design make it a fitting choice for yacht environments or any outdoor space where style and durability are desired.

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