Upside-Down Tranquility : Exploring the Unique Experience of an Inverted Spa Design

Italy, a land of traditions, art, and discoveries. It offers more than its delicious food and historic monuments. Nestled in the picturesque setting of Valdaora in the north, lies an architectural curiosity worth noting : a spa of a new kind. A unique experience of an inverted spa design.

Breathtaking design

Noa Network, renowned for its architectural feats, showcased this ambitious and offbeat project, officially named “Hub of Huts“. Opened in June 2022, this structure, conceived by Lukas Rungger, the lead architect and co-founder of Noa, piqued the interest of both architecture enthusiasts and wellness aficionados.

At First glance, the “Hub of Nuts” stands out with its unique look : a village that seems to hail from another dimension, both suspended and inverted. Observing the inverted double-pitched roofs challenges our usual perception. It creates an optical play reminiscent of Escher’s baffling works. At the heart of this blod ensemble, an infinity pool. Suspended 15 meters above the ground, it catches the eye with its shimmering reflections.

Well-being first and foremost

But beyond its exterior allure, the inverted spa meticulously designs the user experience. An airy walkway connects the spa to an all-glass relaxation area, offering a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Inside, a subtle blend of functionality and aesthetics awaits. On the upper level, visitors can enjoy two hot tubs and panoramic showers, while an open-air changing area offers a touch of outdoor adventure. Moving down a level, the ambience becomes more intimate, with a clothing-optional relaxation space and a central hearth, beckoning for deep relaxation.

Lastly, the architects haven’t overlooked the details of the design. They meticulously chose every material and every colour to harmoniously integrate with the mountainous environment. They clad the exterior in brown aluminium panels and the interior in light beige ceramic tiles. The relaxation room, wrapped in oiled white oak, adds a sensation of serenity.

In conclusion, the “Hub of Huts” is not just a simple spa. It’s a place where contemporary architecture meets nature, where innovation blends into the landscape, offering a novel experience of relaxation and wonder. An invitation to contemplation and serenity.

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