Dreamy Villas Around the World

Villa is a synonym for holidays around unique moments with friends and family. When it is that time of the year many of us dream about spending our holidays in such a unique and amazing landscape. In this article, expect to find the most dreamy villas around the world.

Cala Saona House, Indonesia

This 650m2 Indonesian villa is entirely by Biombo Architects cabinet. It features an amazing tropical design and stunning indoor vegetation. It is in the heart of Canggu, in Bali, where the land faces the sunset.

The sunken area has a tropical garden thanks to the 9m height ceiling. Next to the main sunken, there is a spacious kitchen and dining area with an island and a bar.

Right next to the outdoor dining area, a 17 m long beach pool has local cream marble. The first floor of this amazing villa hosts 3 spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms while in the basement there’s a multi-function room that can act as a cinema room, kids’ playroom, or gym space.

All image credits to KIE.

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Caribbean Courtyard Villa, Costa Rica  

Caribbean Courtyard Villa is a project by StudioSaxe. The concept was to create interconnected pavilions that would be joined by a woven network of pergolas to create unity around the internal courtyard. To respect the original land and its vegetation, the architect conceived the project as a series of rooms nestled around the existing trees.

The villa works with solar energy generation and water-efficient systems and features a bioclimatic design. The internal courtyard hosts a swimming pool surrounded by lush greeneries. The wooden pergolas allow having a lot of shaded spots to relax as well as hanging armchairs to read a book or simply admire the Costa Rican décor.

All image credits to Andres Garcia Lachner.

Chenglu Villa, China

Most dreamy villas have unique sea views and this one is no exception. Located in China, the 1200 m2 was designed by gad. As it is only 50 meters away from the beach, the architect chose to prioritize an architecture that would allow maximum sea sight.

As regards the outdoor, they created many semi-outdoor platform terraces that serve as functional expansions of the indoor living area. The upper level of the villa allows a covered outdoor living area that hosts a living and a dining room. The spaces within the house provide a different experience from rough, mild, and smooth by featuring different choices of materials.

All image credits to Zho Qiang.

Villa Mandra, Mykonos, Greece

We have to confess that Greece and dreamy villas are synonyms. The villa by K-Studio sits on the hill of Aleomandra and offers amazing views. The key character of the villa is the use of the region’s traditional materials like wooden elements, lime-wash walls, and stones.

It was designed to enjoy the outdoors, thus there are many shades and protection elements. Underground spaces are where the bedrooms are and provide a cooler night environment. The decoration is inspired by a contemporary summer living style with noble materials.

All image credits to Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann Photography.

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