Did You Know This Poolside Restaurant in Athens?

Greek architecture and style are, probably, some of the few capable of mixing luxury with minimalism and this poolside restaurant is a perfect example of that. The Helios Restaurant & Bar is located in Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel in Athens and was designed by K-Studio.

One part of this poolside restaurant is located on the hotel building’s front, parallel to the pool and with views over the sea. The other part is perpendicular to it, in an L-shape, that corners the pool and is closer to the sea. The first part has zones of lounge, low dining, and standard dining.

The outdoor dining spaces have a modern architecture as the remaining hotel structure for creating harmony and peace between both (different) areas. The strong and linear orthogonal grid that is so characteristic of the hotel is also present in the restaurant for zoning the spaces and also through a pergola. This pergola also creates a free-flowing space below and alongside the pool.

The food bar and drinks bar have different types of seating and a free passage and visual connection between them. The existing trees and the rock formations were included in this project to integrate well the building into the landscape.

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The restaurant’s dining area transmits the coziness and openness that outdoor Greek-style spaces aim for. In this way, it is possible to delight in a beautiful dinner and still be as comfortable as in your home. The outdoor garden created around the restaurant and bar gives the true feeling of the Greek environment.

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