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The outdoor spaces, especially the lounge areas, need to have a focal point. It could be anything that harmonizes with the rest of the place, but our favorite furniture piece for that are the center tables. Luxurious center tables can, not only add life to the space but also add some sophistication.

Therefore, Outdoor Living Blog prepared you a selection of the most luxurious center tables you can find now in the market. Check them out!

The Sealine Collection- DEDON

DEDON is a master on contemporary designs that fulfill outdoor spaces.

Made with premium teak, this center table makes part of The Sealine Collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. It is a lounge collection with an easy-chic spirit, elegance and comfort. It can blend into any outdoor space wherever it is a terrace or a yacht.

Due to the simple design lines of the center table, it is a timeless, refined, and versatile piece.


Ness Center Table – Myface

Myface, a Portuguese brand of outdoor furniture, has all the luxury and sophistication that an outdoor space can “ask”.

This luxurious outdoor center table has a premium marble top and its legs are made of clear acrylic and black lacquered stainless steel. These kinds of materials can guarantee the quality of the piece for all outdoor environments.

Its sophisticated design can promise you a luxurious and modern outdoor area. It is the ideal choice when you can’t decide between emptiness and density in the spaces.


Caulfield “Outdoor”- MINOTTI

MINOTTI can surprise us with their magnificent designs, even when we think we can’t be more surprised.

The Caulfield table is that kind of outdoor piece that can add color to every space, without much effort. The airy metal structure is available in four trendy colors and three sizes, so in that way, you can choose the one that combines better with your surroundings. All the luxurious outdoor center table materials’ are for outdoor use. The metal structure passes by a sandblast process to remove imperfections and is then epoxy-coated to ensure resistance.


Kettal – Bitta Lounge Center Table 

Kettal is a brand that doesn’t need introduction in the luxury outdoor furniture market.

The Bitta Lounge center table is an outdoor table designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. It has a simple design and adequate dimensions for smaller spaces. This piece caught our attention for its versatility and ability to adapt to different projects, just by changing the top.

The table top can be in aluminum, glaze, teak and marble. This customization allows the table to easily fit into any project. In addition to this possibility of changing the material, the colors of the legs can also be changed, you can see all the possibilities on the Kettal website here


Gandia Blasco – R24 coffe Table

This table caught our attention for its irreverent design and totally out of line with what we think is normal at Gandia Blasco. A table with geometric lines, handcrafted in India, which makes each piece even more exclusive.

Paula Valentini designed this piece and the rest of the collection inspired by the combination of art, design, architecture and their roots.

“In R24 I investigate the possibility of building textile architecture on a small scale. I evoke sensations and images like the evanescence of a bird’s wing. And it is based on that idea that I choose the material, the technology and the world in which I am going to immerse myself. It is a useful object and it is also an object in space.”


Gloster – Grid

For those familiar with the Gloster catalog, you’ll agree that the brand stands out for its simple design with modern lines. The Grid center table is no exception, and it is the modernity of the piece that attracts us to this outdoor product.

This outdoor table was designed by Henrik Pedrsen, and has the added value of being able to be customized in terms of colors on the legs and different types of marble on the top. This feature gives this piece (as well as the rest of the collection) the possibility of easily adapting to different types of projects.

Diabla – Grill Coffe Table 

Grill coffee table belongs to the collection of the same name, from the Spanish brand Diabla. It was idealized and designed by MUT Design. The whole concept of the piece “translates the universe of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian into everyday life.”

This table is light but sturdy. The finishes were designed to protect the piece from scratches and fingerprints, ensuring that the table is always in good condition, even when outdoors.

Made in powder coated aluminum and available in 6 different colors, from neutral colors to the brand’s characteristic red and pink.


B&B Itália – Tobi-Ishi Outdoor  

Tobi-Ishi is a table inspired by the brand’s Zen dining tables, tables that are true icons in the world of design.

As the name implies, this piece takes references from traditional Japanese gardens, the top and legs simulate sculptures, which depending on the perspective make the illusion of changing the shape.

This table is extremely resistant and has an excellent outdoor performance. Although made entirely of cement, we can find two colors.

Roda – Aspic

Finally, we chose not one, but 3 Roda tables that fascinated us.

This collection, if we want to call it that, is made up of 3 tables of different sizes that complement each other, allowing each one to create the composition they prefer.

They are one-piece tables, that is, they do not have tops or legs, just a structure with round and concave lines and a grained finish that gives it a natural and modern look.

Designed by Gordon Guillaumier, these three tables are ideal for those who like to vary and change the look of their spaces regularly.

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