Fashion Brands That Make Furniture

Can we talk about fashion without mentioning the most iconic brands?  I challenge you to think of luxury fashion brands and imagine their iconic designs, high-quality fabrics, and the new trends that keep the fashion industry alive. Several luxury fashion brands have launched homeware collections and furniture lines, so that their legacy leaves the closet and glams up your living space. Get to know 5 homeware designs from luxury fashion brands.

Cocoon Leopard by Campana Brothers – Louis Vuitton

For the Objets Nomades Collection, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with the contemporary visions of internationally renowned designers which pays homage to special old orders in the past of this French luxury fashion brand. Fernando and Humberto Campana introduced Cocoon Leopard, a hanging  seat with perforated fiberglass shell lined with calfskin. The Campana Brothers combined the artistic vision with Louis Vuitton artisans’ creative skills, making this piece of furniture the most enveloping corner of your home.

Rio Basket by Piero Lissoni – Fendi Casa

Fendi played the leading role in the luxury fashion scenario. However, the Italian brand successfully marked the beginning of a new era for the fashion industry by launching, in 1988, a home décor collection with a global vision named Fendi Casa.

Complement your patio with Fendi’s sophisticated touch, the Rio Basket designed by Piero Lissoni, to keep the area organized and elegant. The Casa basket comes in three colors and two dimensions, the perfect design to every décor and taste.

Black Deck Chair by Virgil Abloh – Off-White Home Décor

Three years after the launch of his own brand Off-White, Virgil Abloh introduced his signature furniture collection in 2016. In the first steps of his fashion design career, Virgil was the first African-American to be the artistic director at a French luxury fashion house when he joined LMVH.

The Home collection is meant to feel familiar and revolutionary with the home design lines from luxury fashion brands. The Black Deck Chair has white meteor holes and the print “Off” logo, and consists of the neutrals color palette, dressing all rooms of the home.

Antigua Dining Table – Roberto Cavalli

The entire world of Roberto Cavalli home interiors unveils a special preview, The Wil Living- a bold and glamourous setting, based on a delicate color palette that carries the brand heritage.

The Antigua Dining Table is described as elegant, charming and contemporary. The base of the table is sculptured with glossy gold and a smoky glass top, with such a glamorous piece you’re ready to host meetings with your loved ones and make memorable moments.

Rive Droite Home Collection by Anthony Vacarello – Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent turned into the home collection, and launched the first exclusive Rive Droite Home Collection. Anthony Vacarello expanded the popular influent style characterized by the brand into a decorative term for your home.

From ceramic coffee mugs, plates, and crystal ashtrays to bath accessories and much more, the Rive Droite boutique offers its own selection of all kinds of everyday objects branded as YSL. In every piece, you can find the DNA of the brand such as heart-shaped and leopard-print items, specially prepared to bring a unique, subtle but glamourous touch to your home.

After successfully taking over the fashion industry brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Off-White, Roberto Cavalli and Yves Saint Laurent, these iconic brands have launched homeware and interior design collections to raise the glam of your living space.

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