Discovering the Talent Behind New York City’s Finest Interiors

Yes, New York is truly a hub of design trends. Today, let’s embark on a journey to discover the talent behind New York City’s finest interiors. From visionary designers to iconic brands, let’s explore some of the best in their field through this article.

The Timeless Luxury of Sheila Bridges

It’s hard to start without mentioning the fabulous Sheila Bridges. With unparalleled elegance, she crafts spaces that seem straight out of a dream. And what about that stunning apartment she designed with sophistication ?


The Contemporary Prowess of Danielle Colding

Then, Danielle Colding stands out as another emblematic figure in New York decor. Her innovative approach shines through in every space she graces. Have you seen this duplex ? It’s a must-see !


Michael Dawkins : When Design Tells a Story

Every piece by Michael Dawkins is a journey. His creations breathe passion and authenticity, like this breathtaking Central Park residence.


Shamir Shah : The Essence of Minimalism

Less is more, and Shamir Shah gets it. His work, imbued with minimalism, exudes serenity. Check out this beautiful chelsea loft he designed !


Kelly Behun : The Queen of Contemporary Art

Kelly never ceases to amaze. Her interiors are a tribute to contemporary art. In fact, this penthouse is especially captivating. For the curious, here’s our article featuring one of her outdoor projects.


Exceptional Furniture : A Tale of Elegance

When thinking about elite furniture in New York, several brands come to mind. Foremost are the Italians from B&B Italia with their audacious designs. You can find one of their masterpieces in our article about the world’s most luxurious sofas. Not to forget the Scandinavian minimalism of Normann Copenhagen. Amid these big names, have you noticed the subtlety of Myface ? This Portuguese brand has carved its niche in the Big Apple. Do take a look at our article showcasing it among a 2023 selection of modern decor brands.

So there you have it, a dip into the bustling world of New York decor. And if you’re yearning for more, keep following us for more gems.

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